Environmental Policy

Offset Alpine Printing is one of Australia’s premier web heatset and sheet-fed printers, manufacturing in Australia for both national and international clients. In our effort to meet the Company’s targets and remain a successful printing business, we are mindful of the importance of the environment. As such, our aim is to manage our operations in a sustainable manner. Our environmental commitment extends to our manufacturing facility and employees, our surrounding environment, and our ability to contribute to the greater environment in which our products and operations extend.
Accordingly, we are committed to:
  • Complying with all applicable local and national environmental legislation including relevant licensing provisions;
  • Preventing pollution, particularly that associated with noise generation, air emissions, stormwater runoff and waste production;
  • Participating in industry specific and other environmental improvement initiatives;
  • Conserving energy resources and responsibly managing raw material procurement and use;
  • Endorsing sustainable forestry through our paper purchasing policy and compliance with the Chain-of-Custody certification standards (PEFC and FSC);
  • Developing and maintaining an Environmental Management System based on the ISO14001 standard, that will enable us to document, monitor and continually improve our overall performance from an environmental viewpoint; and
  • Working with our clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders, to offer environmentally responsible and aware partnerships that ensure our initiatives have maximum impact and benefit to all.

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