Privacy Policy

Offset Alpine Printing Pty Limited is subject to the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (Cth).

We are pleased to say that we take privacy seriously. As part of our approach to privacy, Offset Alpine Printing will conform to the ten National Privacy Principles promulgated by the Federal Privacy Commissioner. In accordance with one of those principles, we will make this policy available to any person who asks for it.

Privacy in our Business

As a normal part of our business we are supplied with the names and addresses of people who subscribe to some of the publications that we print. These publications include such things as industry journals, annual reports etc, and we use the names and addresses to deliver these publications to the publishers’ subscribers. These subscription lists are purged from our systems after the relevant publication has been dispatched, and no subscription information is permanently retained. This purging usually takes place within 30 days of dispatch of the publication.

At times we use the mail preparation services of other companies to help us to deliver subscription copies. When we deal with these companies we make them aware of our privacy policy and we ask them to treat privacy in the same way. These companies are also bound by the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s National Privacy Principles.

Privacy in our Recruitment

We may retain all material relating to unsuccessful employment applications for a suitable period, after which the material may be destroyed. Paper documents will be shredded. Information provided in the course of applying for a position with Offset Alpine Printing will only be disclosed to the applicant’s referees as the application is processed.

Privacy for Credit Applications

Any information supplied to us as an application for credit may be disclosed to the credit referees nominated on the application and to our credit rating agency, for the purpose of processing the credit application

Privacy and our Website

If you visit our website to download or browse information then we may collect some details of your visit. However, any information that we collect will remain anonymous and will not be linked to any other personal information.

Inquiries about Privacy

If we receive an inquiry about the possibility that we may be holding a certain person’s personal information, then we will check our records in search of information relating to that person. We will write to that person and inform them of the results of our search. If we are holding that person’s personal information then we will follow that person’s instructions regarding the treatment of that information.

Complaint Handling Process

We have a complaint handling process that accepts, investigates and resolves complaints. If an inquiry or complaint is made in writing then we will respond in writing, and if a verbal complaint is received then we will offer to send a completed copy of our complaint form as confirmation of receipt of the complaint.

If you have an inquiry or complaint about privacy you may contact

Offset Alpine Printing’s privacy officer by calling (02) 9704 4444 or by writing to:

The Privacy Officer
Offset Alpine Printing Pty Limited
42 Boorea Street
Lidcombe NSW 2141

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