Offset Alpine Printing is committed to a high level of training and development for all its employees. Our employees’ skills are continually enhanced to ensure that they are able to work efficiently, safely and maintain exceptional quality.
We acknowledge that our success lies in providing training for the future. We take particular pride in our apprentice and management trainee scheme. Offering our many apprentices and trainees structured training in the areas of print, finishing, engineering and production. This training includes learning on the job skills, rotation throughout the plant and learning the theory at a tertiary level.

Client Opportunities

In order to provide our clients with a high level of customer service and ensure that they have access to latest information and trends in printing, Offset Alpine through its group training division Intech, conducts a variety of training courses designed for clients involved in print production. These courses are conducted by Intech’s General Manager, Gary Bender who has over 30 years of experience within the printing and associated industries.

Current available courses include:

  • Digital Prepress and File Preparation
  • Publications Print Production Workshops
  • Desktop to Doorstep Catalogue Production Workshop
  • Print Production Management Workshop

For further information or to enrol, please contact us at .

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